Surviving Boys: A crash course for Moms

Get ready to finally 'crack the code' of your busy, noisy, sensitive, adventurous, determined BOY - to help him (and you) truly THRIVE!

Yes! I Am Ready!

Are you ready to stop yelling? Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed by your boy's constant energy and high-powered demands?

We're so excited for this!

“Surviving Boys: A Crash Course” gives you the tools you need to stop yelling, to stop repeating yourself (a thousand times!) and to stop feeling like your son rules your home!

Your boy is high-energy, loud, and seems to have perfected the art of ignoring you.

You’re out of ideas and strategies and so you lose it again.  You yell, you plead and bargain, and then, as one mom said, “You have an adult-sized temper tantrum!”

You don’t want to be that mom.

Everyday you start out to NOT be that mom.

And then it happens again and you’re back in the same frustrating cycle.

You’re left wondering if it’s ‘just you’ and you’re never going to get this mothering thing right.

I’m here to say:  It isn’t you.

You CAN do this mothering thing. You just need the right tools so you can parent YOUR boy, in the way HE NEEDS you to parent him.

If you’re looking for help – you’ve probably already sought it – parenting books, podcasts, advice from well-meaning friends.


“Surviving Boys” is different because it’s interactive, real-time, and YOU participate with YOUR specific issues and challenges – and learn from others in the same boy boat.

 It is time to not only ‘survive your boy’ – it’s time to get to where you BOTH can thrive. He may challenge you in countless ways yet you love him so deeply … but there HAS  to be a better way!

There is.

“Surviving Boys: A Crash Course” gives you:

  • the guidance,
  • the tools, and
  • the fundamental understanding of your boy – his brain and his behavior

that allows YOU to be the patient, loving, FUN Mom you want to be!


Janet roundYour guide is Janet Allison, Founder of Boys Alive! and an author, educator, and Family Coach for over 20 years.  She is a master communicator, helping parents and teachers understand themselves and make the changes to support the boys in their care. She knows that what is good for boys (and men) is also good for girls (and women) and that it takes all of us to build strong, confident, emotionally connected men.  She’s created this program to enrich your parenting, and as you understand new dimensions of your son, you’ll be ready to guide your family back to peace and harmonious, enjoyable LIVING!

BEGIN with 4 Modules Delivered Online ...

You, Yourself, and YOU - First

“This is your life – and it is NOT a dress rehearsal!”

Knowing WHAT YOU WANT is the foundation upon which you implement the changes you want in your mothering. (We’ll help you get there.)

Re-connect to your confident, ‘I’ve got this’ place.

Self care? Sure, but we’re going to show you how to do it a little bit differently and more effectively: by identifying and recognizing the parts of our brains that don’t work for us, then incorporating the changes that will point us in the direction that we want to go.

Negative thoughts? Find out where they come from and why they are perfectly normal and how to manage them so they don’t overwhelm you. Learn how to ‘re-frame’ them into positive, encouraging, voice-of-your-best-friend kind of thoughts.

In Module 1, we’ll help you develop the skills to get yourself back to being that calm, centered mom you always saw yourself to be. Once you’re there, you’ll feel far more prepared to take on the challenges your boy presents!

Tick, Tick - WHAT Makes Him Tick?

“Everything I own is broken…” a Portland mom

Whew! Likely it’s been a surprising, fun, and exhausting ride so far! Your boy probably has enough energy to run circles around you – every. single. minute!

“Why can he go non-stop and then collapse in a complete melt-down? And what can I do to prevent it?”

Why does he LOVE all-things-dirt and noise and explosions? I can’t even remember what quiet sounds like!”

Yes, every mother wonders…  “WHY does everything have to be a gun??”

When you understand what makes him tick, you’ll be ready to learn the mom-tested practical strategies that you can start using right away to…

Regain your peace of mind & restore calm in your home!

What Do I Do Now?

“When in doubt, hug it out.”

We Moms want to talk about everything – usually more than once. We get a bit frantic when our boys (and men) don’t talk with us, or share their feelings, or seem to just want to jump around and not say much.

Action Strategies to the Rescue!

How to get him to school on time.

How to get him to help with dinner (and feeding the dog, and cleaning his room…)

How to get him to unplug from the screens.

And everything in between!

Make changes:

  • in the way you talk with him,
  • in the way you negotiate conflict
  • in the way you adapt your home environment…

Meet him where he is – and get the results you want!

This is where science and skills meet artful finesse.  As we combine the two, you’ll find your stride as you connect in a more real way and your home becomes that active AND peaceful place you’ve imagined.

Weaving It All Together

“[Having a child]…is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ~E.Stone

Knowing the foundation of what makes him tick and how to be flexible with that around the house is just the beginning – but you already know that.

Are you a single mom? You know he needs the guidance of men -early and often – but how do make THAT happen, along with everything else?

Holding on too tight, mama? You LOVE him SO MUCH. How to let go. Because you have to. So you can receive him back as a man.

What does he wonder about? Boys think about different things – and sometimes nothing at all! He DOES, however, wonder what it is like to be a man. And he’s watching and learning from the men around him all the time. How will YOU guide him to be an outstanding man?

Questions will be answered!

Together, we’ll integrate what you’ve learned and show you how apply it to your unique situation.

Go from thinking he is a hand-full to knowing he is a heart-full!

And now you can love the high-energy ride!

You already have generations of wisdom inside you.  This crash course will simply help you open your treasure chest and let it all come out!

Experience, research, and science are the building blocks of this work and hundreds and hundreds of moms and dads, and teachers have ‘tested’ these principles and have reaped the rewards of ‘cracking the code’ of their boys.


  • #1

    We need each other! Gathering together, supporting each other, connecting with other moms who get it and who have been right where you are is our biggest fountain of strength as moms. Yet, we can feel isolated or vulnerable. This private group shares conversation, questions, and support so that at every stage, you’ll have a powerful mom-tribe to vent to, get support from, and lean on whenever you need it. Janet will be joining you here often to offer her insights and suggestions, too.

  • #2
    Sanity Savers

    Each module contains sanity savers – because we can all use a little more sanity, right?! These audio recordings give brief, simple exercises designed to increase your awareness and focus. They’ll help you integrate you’re learning with simple, actionable tools that you can teach and practice with yourself, your son and your family.

  • #3

    Each module also contains video and audio guides.   These guide  you to go into the ‘privacy’ of your own mind and enable you to understand yourself and your son in a whole new way. You’ll change the patterns of language and thought that have kept you stuck and you’ll soon experience your son and your interactions with new tools and perspective.

"Will This Work for ME?"

Whether your son is still in diapers or he's already an active and growing adolescent - this course is designed for you!

If you've 'lost it' one too many times. If you've tried all the 'right' parenting techniques and failed yet again. If you're feeling like your boy is 'running the show' and you're too tired to do anything about it. If you avoid interactions because you know they'll end up in silent withdrawal or unproductive arguing... THIS 4-week intensive is for you.

We'll be talking about boys. ALL boys. The boy brain, boy behaviors, boy communication styles, and what drives 'the boy bus.'

The BONUS is that not only will you see your boy in a new way - you'll find ALL of your relationships (at home, at work, in your extended family) changing in a huge and positive way when you understand what truly makes the males in your life tick.

Perhaps you were raised with only sisters or without a dad and you are feeling completely clueless about your boy.

Perhaps you find yourself increasingly out of patience, overwhelmed, or exhausted with his endless 'big energy.'

Perhaps you're feeling increasingly alone and definitely NOT on the same page as your parenting partner - why won't they just talk?

Perhaps you feel like things are going pretty well but you know in your heart-of-hearts that things could be better.

Be the Parent You've Always Wanted to Be!

Yes, I'm ready!

How Does It Work?

When you make the decision to take action – you will have immediate access to ALL the course materials. Each Module is anchored with a one-hour webinar hosted by Janet Allison. It includes content that will be supported by the audios, videos, and PDF’s included in the online classroom.  I look forward to guiding your learning, keeping you accountable, and with our Facebook community, you’ll have the support, expertise, and inspiration of others to keep you moving forward!


30-Day MONEY BACK Guaranteed!

30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

SURVIVING BOYS: A Crash Course for MOMS is a catalyst for change – BUT it takes your will to implement it and stick with it.

I’ll do everything I can to help you get there!

Answers to some common questions...

"I've tried so many things, will this really work for me?"

When you put in the work, you begin to experience subtle shifts in how you view your boy and his exuberant energy, when you feel confident that you can meet him and help him thrive as himself — then yes, this will work for you! I’ll be the ‘nudge’ you need and you’ll soon see, as one mom said, “This stuff works!”

"Will these strategies work with my husband, too?"

You’ve been together for years – and he’s still a puzzle to you. YES! We’re talking male brains with a big dose of communication skills. You’ll soon understand the ways he comfortably relates and you’ll be able to adjust your own style – without taking HIS personally!

"I'm not very technical - will I need to do anything special to get all the program components?"

You’ll need access to a computer but you won’t have to download any special apps or programs* to participate in the course. You can also tune in on your phone. All videos, audios, and pdfs are easily downloaded within the course platform. And if you have any difficulties you can email our support team (  and we’ll get you squared away!

*A Facebook profile IS required to participate in the online community, but participation there is not required to still get a TON out of the course.

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Yes! I'm Ready!

Here Is What Some Moms Have to Say...

"Thank God for SURVIVING BOYS: A Crash Course for MOMS (and Dads!)

We have three incredibly vibrant, brilliant, sweet, loving, “terrorists” for sons. The twins are six years old and the baby is two; we are a household full of noise, laughter, tears, and (sometimes a lot of) wine.

I started following Janet when the twins had just turned three years old and after about a year’s worth of sharing her wisdom I finally convinced my father and my husband to make a date to go together. They, like I was, were FLOORED by what they learned about the boys and even themselves. Janet has made the most amazing difference in our lives and our parenting approach.

Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be the book-perfect mom when you get done, but you’ll be the perfect mom for your little man because you’ll have tools to better understand HIM and where HE is coming from. Remembering to use the tools Janet gives us is the hardest part for my hubby and me but when we do remember we find the difference in the outcome is black and white. We understand the boys better, we more easily hear their emotional needs through the noise, we can connect with them because we know how to sit, work, and bond without judging or “discussing,” and so many more skills we’ve learned.

If you do anything this year check out SURVIVING BOYS: A Crash Course for MOMS. You’ll be so, so thankful you did."

"FAMILY COACHING with Janet has been invaluable for our family. We're going on 3 years and the positive changes in our household and within myself are so clearly evident.
I have tried a number of different teachers over the years and would not replace my time with Janet and all the learning and growth for anyone else!"

Change in Your Family Starts Now. With you. Take the first step. Enroll Here.

Crash Course
Limited Time!

Community + course materials including audio, video, and PDFs.
Limited time: Add bonus call + bonus audio files.

Yes! I'm Ready!